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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Trending NOW: The Great Gatsby Fashion

Trending Now: 

The much-anticipated film version of "The Great Gatsby" has finally arrived, as interpreted by director Baz Luhrmann, who is best known for movies like "Romeo + Juliet" and "Moulin Rouge", two films recognised not just by movie critics but also by fashion authorities for their visual richness.

Feathered headpieces? Check. Long strings of beads? Check. More Brooks Brothers than a Princeton reunion? Check. Spectator shoes, cloche hats, and Bakelite bangles? Check, check, check. The Great Gatsby delivers the fashion clichés of the 1920s (and a few from other eras) that we expected to see.

The Great Gatsby isn't a let down when it comes to on screen fashion and interpretation of the 1920's. The film successfully conveys the vibrancy of this decade, thanks largely to the work of Academy Award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin and legendary fashion designer Miuccia Prada. In a stylish stroke of genius, Martin approached fashion darling Miuccia Prada to collaborate on over 40 costume designs for the film's lavish party scenes. Raiding the Prada and Miu Miu archives, the pair set about modifying a selection of classic Prada designs to perfectly fit the Roaring Twenties brief, and the result is a fashion fairytale come to life But not everything was so fashionable of the 1920's like the nude silk dresses (put them down) but I love the opera length pearls and the headpieces that feature in this movie production. 

Pearls are a timeless piece of jewellery, old and young, anyone can pull them of. If your going out for cocktails, bingo night or popping down to the shops pearls are easy to wear and oh so very fashionable. Wear pearls with jeans, a tailored blazer and ankle boots or a ladylike dress. They are also a perfect addition to this season's romantic gothic leather and lace trend.

How to wear the Great Gatsby Trend Day to Day:

1. Headpieces

Such an easy trend to pull of during the day or at night. Having a little black dress wear tonight...well...back it a FAB LBD and wear a headpiece. Bought or made its hot and so very in. (I can feel a DIY coming on) :)

2. Mixed prints and shapes

Probably one of my favourite trends from this era. Mix your prints and shapes..if your afraid just wear black and whites pieces with shapes. Very chic

3. Ring It
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Add sparkle to your fingers with the 1920s trend. You don't have to spend a fortune to get the look. Go for gold and dark stone coloured rings.

4. Opera Length Pearls

In Love with opera length pearls at the moment. Dress them up or dress them down, such as versatile and easy to wear trend.

5. Example how to create The Great Gatsby look

Now I have showed you how to incorporate the 1920's look in your wardrobe now get out there my little fashionistas and strut your stuff ;)

Thanks Baz, for bringing a little bit of the 20's back!!!!
Let's make 2013 roaring!!!

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