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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fashion Break Down on Attires (Part One)

It's hard enough to find an outfit for an occasion, but to make things worse you notice in the left  in the bottom left hand corner a dress code...(noooooooooo) 

Black tie, formal, semi formal, neat casual, evening wear...what do all of these attires mean. Well lucky you I am going to be fashion deboning.... yes.... fashion deboning. Next time you see these words you wont break out into a sweat. The first attire I will be talking about is Semi Formal.

The first thing you would likely to do is to google 'it' 
Semi Formal Dictionary Meaning: and it comes up with
Web definitions
semiformal: moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket; "he wore semiformal attire"; "a black-tie dinner".

Absolutely no help what so ever....

This is probably the most difficult dress code to get right. It basically is saying to dress formal but not too formal. 

So I have put together 4 different outfits that are semi formal but for different occasions and age groups.

Look One: If your young, bold and fabulous (and can brave the cold this winter)

Look Two: Wearing black pants and a peplum top with electric popping blue accessories will scream fun, professional and sexy
Look Three: If you have big hips, balance this out with wide legged pants. A flirty long sleeve top with a modest neckline. Add some bling and you are set to go.

Look Four: If your trend savvy, then you will love this look. The monochrome look.

Some more ideas of what type of dress you could wear:


Always with style,

La Moda stylist