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Friday, 26 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Introducing the Hottest Shoe Trend of 2013

Have you heard the rumors? The whispers on the fashion streets?

Yes, it's true. Low heels are the hottest shoe trend of 2013. The sky high 6 inch stilettos should be left in your wardrobe this season as our feet for once can have a break.

I can breathe a sigh of relief, after numerous of seasons the stiletto was the 'it' item in fashion footwear. I can now stop worrying about a fall or a sprain ankle. I don't think shoe fashion has been this comfortable since Franky said relax. We can thank high fashion labels such as Valentino, Chimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Nicholas Kirwood for featuring the low heel in there latest spring 2013 fashion. (Who would have thought, right?)

Even thou it's starting to get chilly here in Australia we still love to show off our shoes. Their are a great variety of shoe styles with low heels so you will find the right pair to suit you and your style. I recommend going for a metallic effect, a nude palette or go for classic black. These three trends will be around until the end of 2013.

My fashion challenge: to find the best low heeled shoe for me on a budget.

Always With Style,


La Moda Stylist

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Trend Alert!!!!! Rose Gold ♡Babe

Hello fellow Fashionistas,

I am in ♥ with rose gold!!! Yes we are in a serious relationship.
Most trends come and go before you blink an eye, but it looks like rose gold will stay in trend for a while.

Rose Gold is dominate everywhere from the catwalk to the high streets or fast fashion shops. This hue matches well with soft neutral colours as well on your dark deep colours. 


As we step into many fashion boutiques we find ourselves being welcomed with a vast array of rose gold shoes, watches, clothes and jewellery. Its great because this colour compliments everyones skin tone.

This is some of my rose gold jewellery collection and to add a bit of personaliy I added some silver. We are in 2013 let's mix it up a bit

Always With Style,


♡ La Moda Stylist

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Be Electric!!! Be Electric Blue!!!! In New York City!!!

I'm so excited to see this colour back on the shop floor for Autumn/Winter in Australia!!!

Relax this bold colour with washed or lightly blue jeans with a fun top and a black blazer. I love using this colour with accessories instead of just going for a top. It makes it a bit more fun and a bit more New York cool.

It's an amazing colour if you have 'deep' colour characteristics: dark brown hair with hazel or brown eyes with medium skin tones. For example Angelina Jolie and Nina Dobrev have 'deep' colour characteristics.

Nina Dobrev wearing an electric blue dress for the Montique Lhuillier Catwalk show in New York.
Looks Amazing!!!

Always With Style,

La Moda Stylist


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Life is a Beach!!!!

The latest images from my Fashion shoot. 

Simple styling with a beautiful blue off the shoulder dress.I paired this dress with tear drop chandelier earrings to match her face shape. (More on that later)

Hint: If you are short you want eyes up accessories, to make you look taller.

I am loving the blue backdrop of the beach with the outfit. I couldn't be more happier. You will also be seeing the blue hues throughout Autumn/Winter fashion. This is a nice change from the mustard colour we saw last season. (I wasn't a fan)

Now for the good part.
The dress was only $9.95 (on sale) and the earrings were only $5.00 (on sale)
Total outfit cost $15.95

No shoes the model went bare foot on the beach.

Yes, I know...I'm good at my job

Let me know what you think


La Moda Stylist

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Welcome Fashionistas!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about me. My name is Angela or La Moda stylist and I am a fashion and personal stylist in Adelaide and I love, love, love fashion.

I breathe it, I live it, I read it, I am it.
Fashion is all about style. You can wear the trends but you have to know how to wear it. Thats why I'm here.

In my blog I will be updating you on all the latest trends and how to wear them. Also I will be telling you where to shop for the bargains. I also want you, my readers to ask me any questions regarding fashion or give me a fashion challenge (buy an outfit for under $100).
You will be updated with my latest fashion photoshoots and an insight on behind the scences as a stylist.

Always with style,


La Moda Stylist

P.S a taste my latest fashion shoot.

 How much do you think this dress is???