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Saturday, 18 January 2014


Over the years our life changes, wether that includes a change in jobs or a change in our personal life. Therefore your style changes, you adapt your style to suit your lifestyle. But sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction to find out what style personality will work with you. Remember life is a catwalk, so strut your stuff!!

Rock Chic

Who are you: Your wardrobe consists of black and white, polished cuts but still a bit edgy. You like prints and graphics and you are not afraid of being bold.


Who are you: You like lady like pieces in pretty florals and pastel hues. You love a midi skirt/dress and love keeping your look clean  Your chic and sophisticated.


Who are you: Your a minimalist, less is best! You have a lot of mix and match pieces with clean lines. Your all about quality not quantity. You believe in solid colours and don't like patterned items.


Who are you: You like earthy tones and motifs representing all things nature. Your clothing is free spirited, you like breezy, holiday style pieces. Your not afraid to wearing daring prints and can combine your inner hippie with luxurious.


Who are you: Your style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker, you watch re runs from the series of Sex and the City. Your not afraid to make a statement and be different. You don't like following trends you like to create them. You love designer pieces but also can make the cheapest outfit look a millionaire bucks.

Always With Style,


La Moda Stylist