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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Be Electric!!! Be Electric Blue!!!! In New York City!!!

I'm so excited to see this colour back on the shop floor for Autumn/Winter in Australia!!!

Relax this bold colour with washed or lightly blue jeans with a fun top and a black blazer. I love using this colour with accessories instead of just going for a top. It makes it a bit more fun and a bit more New York cool.

It's an amazing colour if you have 'deep' colour characteristics: dark brown hair with hazel or brown eyes with medium skin tones. For example Angelina Jolie and Nina Dobrev have 'deep' colour characteristics.

Nina Dobrev wearing an electric blue dress for the Montique Lhuillier Catwalk show in New York.
Looks Amazing!!!

Always With Style,

La Moda Stylist